We take pride in having you as our loyal customer and immensely care for each one of you. These trying times have taken a toll on each one of us, but the secret to our sanity amidst the chaos have been the Smiisenses scented soy candles.

Therefore, we take all the safety steps to ensure that our little jars of happiness reach you in their purest form.

1.) Hygiene

Please be rest assured that your orders are packed with the highest of safety standards and utmost care. We have assigned a small team of people to make sure your packages are well sanitised before they leave our warehouse. We have a strict safety policy where each member of the Smiisenses team is required to get daily temperature checks and wash their hands after small intervals. 

We, at Smiisenses value you as a customer and hence, are doing everything in our ability to give you the safest and the happiest experience with Smiisenses.

2.) Shipping and Delivery Time

Thank you for shopping with us! Trust us when we say that nothing brings us more joy than brightening up your lives and homes with our all natural, scented soy candles and we would love to keep doing that in the foreseeable future. 

We truly appreciate your support!

Usually, we ship your orders within 4-6 business days, however in trying times like these, the process might take longer. We apologise for any kind of inconvenience. Kindly understand, as always, we are trying our best to get your order to you as soon as possible. However, during this pandemic, it is impossible for us to work at full capacity and the same is true for our delivery partners.