Responsibly making your life experiences more wholesome and lit.

Our mission has always been to change our industry for the better. Scented candles is one of the least regulated consumer categories. It is legal for companies to use chemicals known to be harmful, or that have never been evaluated for safety. Add to that the materials that are unsustainable or misleading, and there is a lot of opportunity for improvement.

Smiisenses’ passion towards the environment and providing our customers with nothing but the best, has enabled us to build a brand, specialising in eco-friendly scented candles. 

We use soy wax and cotton wicks to produce paraffin-free, smoke-free scented candles that come in cute little jars of happiness that help decorate your space even after the candle has finished. 

We, at Smiisenses, believe that candles have the ability to transform any space, relax our nerves and rekindle memories. Therefore, we conduct extensive research and always keep in mind our customers’ preferences to remain fresh, creative and innovative and bring to you unique fragrances that reflect deep richness and complexity in their formulation.