Scents that help you sleep better

Count on scents to stimulate your senses, just a whiff can transport you to your favourite memory, put you in  a better mood, relax you and even help you to have a sound sleep. 

Having trouble sleeping? A scented candle on your nightstand might be the answer to your problems, and put you in a calm, deep slumber every night. Afterall, there is nothing more rewarding than a good night’s sleep after a long day of work.

Come home to Smiisenses’ range of mild, dreamy scents that will instantly help you unwind and relax.  Reach for one of these, at bedtime, and say goodbye to endlessly counting the flocks of sheep -

1. Lavender  –  A go-to for destressing, lavender helps in lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it also soothes your skin from within. As the candle burns, you ease into a comfortable sleep.

2. Jasmine – If you’re looking towards a productive day, you need to begin with a sound sleep. Jasmine does just that, as it is known to better the quality of sleep through the night. You wake up refreshed, with reduced stress and anxiety, better prepared to take on the next day.

3. Vanilla  – Lighting one of our vanilla candles is reminiscent of a warm cup of milk before bed.Inherently a rich scent, vanilla creates the perfect environment for a restful sleep. It has tranquillising and antidepressant properties that release feel-good hormones within the body. 

4. Bergamot – Giving you a calming effect, bergamot helps shed tension and anxiety. The citrus fruit of bergamot isn’t invigorating, but actually lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Renowned for reducing feelings of anxiety through the night, a bergamot-infused space brings your mind at peace.

So as you slip under your soft blanket, be sure to light a candle by the bed. Hope you have a sound sleep with Smiisenses!