How to reuse Smiisenses glass jars

At Smiisenses, we mindfully hand-pour scented goodness to give you a breath of fresh as soon as you flick the flame. With careful attention to every detail, we want our candles to be your personal treasures. So when you run out of one, our sustainable glass jars live on, in the cozy corners of your home. 

To clean out any of our candles, you can simply melt away the remaining wax in the oven or freeze and chip the leftovers, and handwash our jars. Once dry, they’re ready to be repurposed into items you can use on the daily, around your house. Here are some quick ways to transform and reuse the jars –

  1.   Planters – Give your plants a new home, by placing smaller stems in a candle jar. Pro tip, you can arrange them in a row and add some ferry lights to give a warm glow. Voila, you have your new favourite, very Insta worthy, coffee-and-a-book corner in your house.

  2.   Vases- Taking a cue from the planters idea, you can personally decorate the candle jars with stickers, labels, lace or dye. Just a few blossoms should be enough to fill them up and you can pop them in the centre of your tables, decorate your nightstands or add a pop of colour to any corner of the room.

  3.   Organisers – An easy way to clean up your vanities or study tables, would be to use on of our empties as a holder. The perfect size for makeup brushes or pens, you can place the clear glass jar as it is. If you like to be extra tidy like us, or stick a label on every  jar to classify them more easily.

If you’re a candle addict (we fully approve!) and have a sprawling collection of empty jars, it’s time to put them to use and innovate with these cute ideas. And now that you have another empty, we hope you enjoy your next Smiisenses scented soy candle.