Why do Smisenses candles make the perfect gift, this festive season?


With a long and tiring year underway, it's time to welcome the festive season with open arms, glee and hope. It's the moment of finding your way back to your loved ones, spending time exchanging the anecdotes you've been saving, and making them feel cared for. Before you start racking your brain to choose the perfect token of love, we'd like to nudge you towards a beautiful box of Smiisenses candles! Here's why you should leave behind your gifting worries and reach for one -

  1. Useful on the daily - All of us have had to spend more time than ever at our homes, have had to make them our offices and workstations. This season, it's all about making this space comforting and personal. Have your closest ones come home to an ambience that relaxes and refreshes them by gifting them a candle of their favorite scent. Say goodbye to gifts that are left aside or passed on, since they'll definitely reach for our candle, everytime they want to unwind.

  2. For anyone and everyone - Be it your parents, your uncles and aunties, your friends, or your special someone's, the gift of a candle can be enjoyed by all. Just as the scent creates an immersive experience, everyone in the house is bound to be delighted by it. 

  3. Versatile - With such a diverse array of fragrances to choose from, you can personalise the gift by choosing the scent suited best for your loved one. For the friend who wants to destress after a long day or for the spouse who starts the day with a rejuvenating morning ritual, there is a candle for everyone.

  4. Long lasting remembrance - Have your gift be revelled and savoured, just like the joys of your relationship! Some candles, depending on the scent, are said to last for over 200 hours. Whenever they light the candle, the warm glow and aroma, will remind them of your presence. 

So, celebrate your invaluable bonds, this festive season, with all your love bundled in jars of Smiisenses candles!